This privacy policy are work in progress and indicative only until formally published

  1. Introduction
  2. How we use your personal data
  3. We collect personal data for the sole purpose of providing our customers with a service. The information will generally be one of the following:

    • Contact name, phone numbers, email address and address information for invoice purposes.
    • Contact names, phone numbers, email address information used for the creation and updating of client domain name registrations.
    • Ad-hoc personal information provided by clients in order to provide customised response to service requests or volunteered as part of our online customer contact forms

    We often receive personal information in the form of direct emails and online contact forms and this information is routinely archived as part of our permanent records. Unless the email or contact form leads to some ongoing business the information is simply held in our mail system and the information is not transferred to any other data storage format.

    We do not share this information with any external parties unless directed to by a client, potential client or as part of our obligations to law enforcement agencies.

  4. Automated decision-making
  5. Providing your personal data to others
  6. We do not share this information with any external parties unless directed to by a client, potential client or as part of our obligations to law enforcement agencies.
  7. International transfers of your personal data
  8. We do not knowingly transfer or share your personal information to any international entity.

    All data is kept within the scope of the business accessible by employees only, but electronic copies and backups may exist on cloud services such as DropBox, OneDrive or GoogleDocs where is not possible to determine exactly where such copies are held geographically.
  9. Retaining and deleting personal data
  10. Amendments
  11. Your rights
  12. You are entitled to request details of any information that we hold on file about you.

    You are also entitled to request thatany incorrect information is corrected, and in some case you may request that information we have on file about you is deleted.
    [Note: In some cases we may not be able to delete such information if, for instance, we are required by law to retain such information ie. tax records]

  13. Third party websites
  14. We do not share, or sell, our customer details to third party web sites.

    We may provide your details to sub-contractors where necessary to provide the services you have engaged. We will instruct all sub-contractors that we engage that they are not permitted to share your details without your permission.

    Where we work with companies you have asked us to collaborate with then it is your responsibility to determine their privacy policy.

  15. Personal data of children
  16. We do not knowing record any information relating to children. In the event of our services being used by a minor we would require that all interaction would take place with a parent or guardian and their information would be that saved in our records.
  17. Updating information
  18. We attempt to ensure that information we hold on file is kept up to date and accurate. This is done at least annually as part of the invoicing process, but may be carried out more frequently when necessary.
  19. Acting as a data processor
  20. In providing many services, especially web hosting services, to our clients we act in the role of a data processor.

    A prime example of this is that we take on responsibility for backup client web sites and or email systems which could contain their own clients personal data and covered by their own privacy policy statement. Although we have not direct control of the information we do have responsibility for ensuring that backup and copies are kept secure.
  21. About cookies
  22. Cookies that we use
  23. Cookies used by our service providers
  24. Managing cookies
  25. Cookie preferences
  26. Our details
  27. Representative within the European Union
  28. Data protection officer
  29. Our designated Data Protection Office is David Coates. Any enquiries relating to data handling or privacy policies can be sent via email to

    We aim to respond to all enquiries within 3 working days.